December 7, 2020 (Los Angeles, CA) – This year alone, Southern California footwear brand LAMO has stretched beyond the uncertainty of the pandemic and reached new milestones by staying focused on providing quality products and pivoting its business strategy to evolve with the changing climate of the footwear industry.


In addition to realigning its focus to meet increased demand from retailers and direct, online consumers with fresh new styles, LAMO has strengthened its customer service team to meet the needs of direct-to-consumer, large retail and small independent and boutique sales.

This year has also seen comfortable, fashionable footwear become the new standard for work from home attire. LAMO’s brand strategy has always taken a “365-day comfort” approach to its designs, but the sudden and sustained demand for its original sheepskin slippers, boots and moccasins has continued to strengthen its direct-to-consumer sales.

“2020 has introduced a lot of changes both within the industry and for us internally as a company. While many of our large retailers were still able to prebook inventory as usual, it was important for us to ensure that our trusted small chains, independent retailers and boutiques could order closer to each season and receive the product they needed,” stated LAMO COO, Jerry Breig. “We are also immensely appreciative of the growth of our direct-to-consumer sales as result of the shift to online shopping. With so many Americans working and learning from home, the new “normal” work shoe has truly allowed for our Cozy 365-day initiative to shine.”  


2020 also marked LAMO’s 25th year as a Southern California footwear brand. To celebrate the occasion, LAMO found this as the perfect opportunity to recognize 25 loyal LAMO customers who have given back to their communities. LAMO’s social media and website featured the “LAMO heroes” to discuss the work they were doing and the organizations they were supporting.

“Even though our 25th anniversary event was completely virtual due to the pandemic, it was heartwarming to see the difference our customers were making during difficult times,” stated Breig.

The organizations supported ranged from national charities including American Red Cross and St. Jude, to independent local groups that bring aid and awareness to bullying, battered women, cancer research and mental health.

LAMO hopes to continue highlighting its customers and the impact they are making in their own communities and around the country.

As one of the few companies that still integrates 100% Australian sheepskin into some of its cornerstone products, LAMO continues to use quality materials at an incredible value. Through its diverse product line for men, women and children, LAMO has made cozy footwear accessible for every budget.

Over the past 25 years, LAMO has evolved their product line to meet the changing needs and demands of footwear industry. Providing a combination of sheepskin and active casual styles has allowed LAMO to position themselves as a cutting-edge brand.

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