May 4, 2020 (Los Angeles, CA) – Today, in support of the Saving Sophie Foundation, LAMO Footwear has teamed up with seven-year-old cancer survivor, Sophie. Having gone blind as a result of her tumor, LAMO collaborated to release the Sophie boot that features a braille label. Click Here to see the Saving Sophie Collection.

Diagnosed with an Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor at a very young age, Sophie and her parents embarked on a life-saving holistic treatment plan. After seven years, Sophie is recovering well and is becoming a strong and outgoing young girl. Parents, Tracy Ryan and her husband Josh, stars of the recent Netflix hit documentary Weed the People, fought for their daughter’s life by investigating every therapeutic treatment available to them, including holistic options and clinical trials.

“After our infant daughter was diagnosed with a low-grade brain tumor at the age of 8 1/2 months old, we were shocked to find how few quality treatments there were for pediatric cancer,” stated Ryan. “Due to the lack of advancements in 40 years, we were ecstatic to learn about medical cannabis when film & television superstar Ricki Lake introduced us to the plant as a potential therapeutic option for our child. It was through her Netflix documentary Weed The People, that features six years of our journey, that we began to uncover the miracles surrounding the medical benefits of this plant.

Now seven years later, Sophie is off treatment, extremely healthy, and the focus of groundbreaking cancer clinical trials led by world renowned research immunologist Dr. Anahid Jewett. The findings the team have uncovered are extraordinary. By working with incredible brands like LAMO, it gives us the ability to advance the science more quickly while we work towards bringing non-toxic treatments for adult and pediatric cancer to market.”

“To directly support the Saving Sophie Foundation, 20 percent of the profits will be donated to help continue funding the research of new cancer treatments for other children and families in similar situations,” stated Jerry Breig, COO of LAMO. “In any situation, it is an incredible privilege to work hand in hand with the very organization that you are working to support, and that is exactly what we have been able to experience with Sophie and her loving parents.”

In addition to the braille LAMO label, the all-pink kid’s boot is complete with a premium suede upper and faux fur lining. Will be available fall, 2020.

In awe of the heartwarming success story between a child and her parents, LAMO recently dedicated five specific styles to the “Saving Sophie Collection” on to give men, women and children the opportunity to support the Saving Sophie Foundation through the purchase of a boot, shoe or slipper.

To learn more about the partnership between LAMO and the Saving Sophie Foundation, visit


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