Tracy and Josh met in 2007 and married in 2011. Little did they know the journey they were about to embark upon, theirs truly is a story of never giving up and tirelessly giving back to the world when they were faced with what some would see as a challenge, they saw it as a gift. 

 When Tracy and Josh Ryan’s daughter Sophie was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 8 ½ months old, they realized just how little research pediatric cancer receives and how much work needed to be done. They set out to make that happen! 

 The Ryans first caught America’s attention in the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary, Weed the People, produced by Ricki Lake. After using medical cannabis on Sophie, she became one of the most celebrated stories of survival in the world and still continues to surprise the medical profession with her daily accomplishments. 

 The Ryans tirelessly strive to bring healing to the world with a foundation built on determination, research and LOVE. raises money to support groundbreaking cancer research for non-toxic therapeutics for patients of all ages. 

LAMO footwear has a committed partnership with the Saving Sophie Foundation and is proud to announce the new Saving Sophie styles will be available in Fall 2020.

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