Hollywood A-List favorite Margaret Rowe Couture was founded in 2003. The designer recently added the much coveted award ‘Best Accessory Designer in Los Angeles’ Award to her list of multiple credits. Her designs are a must have for movie stars, musicians, artists and women in all walks of life. Her designs can be seen at The Oscars as well as countless red carpet events and on numerous magazine covers. 
Margaret styles and executes her brand with the belief that ‘Every Woman Is A Star’, deserving of the accoutrements that glamorize life. "My passion is styling with accessories that merge fashion, beauty and timeless elegance. Accessories can set you apart in a room, help you stand out and allow you to leave the wonderfully intoxicating fragrance of femininity in your wake. Feeling at peace inwards enhances a better life and also a healthier one. Beauty, as the cliche states, comes from within, but I hope to add a little glitz into life and help with the outward beauty and confidence  too! I support the American Cancer Society and truly appreciate being chosen as an influencer by LAMO, sometimes I have to kick of the high heels and relax in comfort. LAMO are perfect for the relaxed casual look.
 I hope to inspire women of all ages to embrace their femininity in fashion and use jewelry as a form of self-expression.www.MargaretRowe.com