Actress and Singer Erin Gavin has been performing since the age of seven years old and her acting career started taking off in high school with roles in popular British TV series, “Taggart.”
Erin studied her acting craft in New York City as well as The Royal Academy. Erin is also an accomplished business women and owns several successful companies including the renown Erin Gavin Agency (EGA), which has become one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of models, dancers and Film & television background artists.
Erin’s career has had an eclectic career in motion pictures, television series, theatrical productions, print and live-action commercials. She has  worked with a remarkable list of talent including David Schwimmer, Michelle Pfeiffer and Elijah Jordan Wood.
Erin’s most recent credits include starring as Marilyn Monroe in hit U.S. play Marilyn My Secret, Valerie in the thriller, “Dread,”  “Play On,” directed by David Story, Rola in the comedy, “Junk,” directed by Kevin Hamedani. She also starred and produced as Marilyn in Marilyn and Sinatra which toured the US and UK. Erin has recently received rave reviews for her performances as Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich.
Erin currently resides between Los Angeles, California and the United Kingdom. 
Erin supports the Downtown Women’s Center, to learn more go to